LiDAR Portal

Sorry the IWI LiDAR Portal will no longer be supported.

To download LiDAR data please visit Minnesota:

North Dakota:

The International Water Institute has developed a LiDAR download portal that enables users to dowload and access LiDAR data and derived elevation aqcuired as part of the Red River Basin Mapping Initiative.

Data available:

  1. LiDAR point cloud
  2. Bare earth LiDAR points
  3. 1 meter digital elevation model
  4. 3 meter digital elevation model
  5. 2 foot contours
  6. Hybrid images

To download IWI LiDAR data:
Launch “IWI LiDAR Download Portal”
Help Page
IWI LiDAR Metadata
Aquisition Dates by Block

Project Team:

International Water Institute

Houston Engineering Inc

ND State University Extension




Download LiDAR data and products