Water Quality Decision Support Application

The Water Quality Decision Support Application (WQDSA) is a shared vision among a diverse group of stakeholders lead by the International Water Institute (IWI). The intent of the WQDSA project is to provide advanced GIS products in the hands of practitioners responsible for assessing the sources of pollutants, the relative magnitude of the sources, identifying and selecting priority subwatersheds for BMP implementation and locating, siting and evaluating the value of agricultural BMPs.

The WQDSA was initially funded as pilot project by a Clean Water Fund grant awarded to the IWI by the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) using dollars generated through the MN Legacy Act Amendment. Subsequent funding from the MN Clean Water Legacy Amendment through BWSR was used to expand the polite area and create the advanced GIS products in the entire MN portion of the Red River Basin.

The WQDSA was established in the ND Wild Rice Watershed through a grant provided by the ND Department of Health Non-Pooint source Program with in kind contributions provided by the Dickey/LaMoure County, Richland County, Stutsman County, and Wild Rice Soil Conservation Districts.

Members of the Team responsible for implementing the WQDSA project include the International Water Institute and Houston Engineering Inc.

Project Team:

International Water Institute

Houston Engineering Inc.