National Weather Service 2017 Spring Flood Update – March 31

There is significant and impactful flooding underway in portions of Northeast North Dakota and far Northwest MN. 

Big Hitters in Northwest MN:
Hallock MN is at Moderate Flooding and expected to hold there for several days, along the Two Rivers River.

Big Hitters in Northeast ND:
Grafton ND is ramping up near Major Flood stage, along the Park River.
Walhalla ND and Neche ND are battling Moderate to Major Flooding, along the Pembina River.

Ice Jamming is still a significant problem along the Pembina River, while ice issues are dissipating along most other river systems.

Many additional areas are discussed in the National Weather Service’s Hydrologic Outlook

More flood information can be found: Red River  - Devils Lake Integrated Flood Warning Team