International Water Institute Developing Database to Accelerate Best Management / Conservation Practice Implementation

Thanks to funding from the ND Department of Health, the ND Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Red River Joint Water Resources District, The International Water Institute (IWI) is developed Prioritize, Target and Measure Application (PTMApp) data for the entire Red River of the North Basin in North Dakota.

PTMApp allows users to:

1) identify the sources and amount of sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus which leave the landscape and enter a downstream lake or river,

2) target specific fields – or portions of field – on the landscape (based upon NRCS design standards, landscape characteristics, land productivity and/or landowner preference) for the implementation of specific nonpoint source best management practices (BMPs) and conservation practices (CPs),

3) estimate the benefits of single or multiple BMPs and CPs within a watershed where the benefits are expressed as the downstream load reduction reaching a lake or river and the estimated cost / load reduction.

PTMApp is funded through MN’s Water Clean Water Legacy.  PTMApp was developed through a public – private collaboration between the International Water Institute, Houston Engineering Inc. and the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources.

More information on PTMApp can be found here