Red River Basin Mapping Initiative

The Red River Basin Mapping Initiative was a three-year, $5.0 million effort to collect highly accurate Light Detecting and Ranging Data (LiDAR) over the entire US portion of the Red River Basin and make these data available to the public via the internet through a LiDAR Viewer and LiDAR Download Portal.

International Joint Commission (IJC 2000), the International Flood Mitigation Initiative(IFMI 2000), and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE 2004) documented the need for initiating efforts to acquire highly accurate elevation data for the Red River of the North Basin following the devastating flood of 1997.  These data are are essential to improve disaster preparedness, protect existing infrastructure, plan for flood and drought damage mitigation projects, enhance agricultural production, and strengthen private and public decision-making capacity.

Project Team:

International Water Institute

Houston Engineering Inc.

Fugro Horizons Inc.

Kadrmas, Lee, and Jackson