Interactive Flood Planning Map / Flood Forecast Display Tool

Interactive Hazards Map and the Flood Forecast Display Tool (FFDT) are two concepts that have been combined into one map viewer. The Interactive Hazards Map was created to provide a single location for information during flood emergencies. This tool provides pertinent map layers for the Red River Basin, including Weather Alerts, Radar, Weather Forecasts, and City and County contact information.

The FFDT has been added to the Interactive Hazards Map to enhance the existing capacity through the development of an interactive tool useful for display and visualization of flood forecasts generated by the National Weather Service. The project uses flood forecast information generated by the National Weather Service North Central River Forecast Center in Chanhassen, Minnesota to create interactive flood inundation maps, an inundation depth grid, a graphic depicting the estimated arrival time for the flood peak, and flow conditions in and around the Fargo, North Dakota – Moorhead, Minnesota metropolitan area for the flood forecast period. The project serves as a working example of a private-public partnership which focuses on emerging web-based technologies and their application to the Red River Basin.

The data on this map is compiled from a number of different online sources and should only be used for general informational purposes. The International Water Institute and its partners assume no liability for this data and their use. Do not use the flood inundation information to make decisions that could impact life or property; it is provided as a guide and may not be an accurate reflection of the most recent forecast conditions at any given location. Every effort is made to update the data in real-time, but some delays are possible. You may need to refresh your browser to access the latest information. If you are having problems accessing the map or its data, please let us know..