A Web Solution for Estimating the Water Quality Benefits of Nonpoint Source Practices


The Prioritize, Target & Measure Application (PTMApp) builds on general strategy types in local water plans by identifying implementable on-the-ground Best Management and Conservation Practices.


PTMApp can be used in real-time by Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs), Watershed Districts, county local water planning, agency staff and decision-makers to:


      • Prioritize resources and issues impacting them.
      • Target specific fields to place CPs and BMPs.
      • Measure water quality improvement by tracking expected nutrient and sediment load reduction to priority resources.
      • Create reports documenting the prioritization, targeting, and measuring process.
      • Establish tailored CPs and BMPs implementation scenarios for funding by the Board of Water and Soil Resources and other agencies.


Innovative Solutions Resulting from A State, Local Government, Non-profit, and Private Partnership

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