Interactive Flood Planning Map

Project Background


RRBDIN was devised and launched twelve years ago following the historic 1997 flood to address flood-related issues. RRBDIN originated from recommendations from the International Joint Commission’s (IJC) Red River Basin Task Force (RRBTF), which recognized the need to promote a more open and continuous means of basin-wide information sharing. Funding to support the initial development of RRBDIN was provided from the US Office of the Secretary of Defense and the COE. Once the initial phase of RRBDIN was completed, the system was transferred to the International Water Institute for further development and operational usage. Since its launch, web-based data and information-sharing technologies have improved dramatically and the demand for accurate and timely water resources information to address a broad range of resource management issue has grown considerably – especially in light of the record flood during the spring of 2009.


The Flood Forecast Display Tool (FFDT) was envisioned to enhance National Weather Service flood forecasting as a component of a web-based framework that would serve as a decision support locus for residents and decision-makers in the Red River Basin. In 2003, IWI officials made a presentation to the North Dakota Congressional Delegation that included a request for resources to operate and maintain the RRBDIN and develop state-of-the-art flood forecasting tools for the Fargo-Moorhead area. Late in 2004, staff informed the IWI that the Delegation had combined the requests and incorporated language to support these efforts in the National Weather Service’s 2005-2006 budgets.


Conceptual design of the tool began in 2005, with deployment of the original FFDT in December 2006. Developed as a pilot for the larger Red River Basin, the Flood Forecast Display Tool creates near-real time flood inundation maps, inundation depth grids, graphics depicting the estimated arrival time for the flood peak, and flow conditions in and around the Fargo, North Dakota – Moorhead, Minnesota metropolitan area for a given flood forecast period. The Flood Forecast Display Tool website received over 65,000 visitors during April 2009.


The FFDT has been updated under the Next Generation RRBDIN. The goal is to meet the needs of local land and water managers in the US portion of the Red River Basin by developing an innovative suite of interactive and publicly available web-based DSS tools using the best available information. Two major recipients of the tools and information RRBDN provides are the ND Red River Joint Water Resources Board and the MN Red River Watershed Management Board.


The updated FFDT includes a new map viewer incorporating the latest technology available along with improved logic and programming used to generate the operational forecast inundation products. Other components were also added to the tool including static flood maps and other tools helpful to the flood fight.

Interactive Flood Planning Map/Flood Forecast Display Tool