Regional Drought Decision Support System


Project Participants and Collaborators

The RDDSS project is guided by feedback from a Steering Committee comprised of local, regional, state, and national stakeholders with an interest in drought issues. The main role of the Committee is to assist the project team in developing effective drought forecast products by evaluating and refining the proposed approach.


Members of the RDDSS Steering Committee include:

  • Adnan Akyuz, ND State Climatologist
  • Al Grasser, City of Grand Forks, ND
  • Alfred Warkington, MB Water Stewardship
  • Andrea Holtz, NOAA
  • Bob Harrison, MB Water Stewardship
  • Bob Zimmerman, City of Moorhead, MN
  • Brian Connelly, NOAA
  • Craig Bell, Western States Water Council
  • Dan Keppen, National Family Farm Alliance
  • Dan Thul, MN DNR/Red River Watershed Management Board
  • David Johnson, Garrison Conservancy District
  • Gary Thompson, ND Red River Joint Water Resources Board
  • Laura Diamond, NOAA
  • Mark Bittner, City of Fargo, ND
  • Mark Ryan, Bureau of Reclamation
  • Mark Zeimer, NOAA
  • Mike De Weese, NOAA
  • Paul Borget, COE Water Resources
  • Randy Gjestvang, ND SWC/ND Red River Joint Water Resources Board
  • Pat Fridgen, ND SWC
  • Lee Klapprodt, ND SWC
  • Robert Sip, MN Department of Agriculture
  • Roger Puwlarty, NIDIS
  • Scott Dummer, NOAA
  • Stella Fedenuiks, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Tony Kettler, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Ed Clark, NOAA


We thank them for their participation and assistance with this work.