Watershed Planning Tool

Welcome to the Watershed Planning Tool


The Watershed Planning Tool (WPT) is designed to guide efforts to plan and evaluate flood damage reduction and water quality projects at a sub-watershed and watershed scale. The WPT can be used by local managers, members of project planning teams and the public to:

  • Define flood damage reduction and water quality problem areas
  • Assess conditions within a watershed
  • Describe and quantify flood damage reduction/water quality goals
  • Describe and evaluate one or more strategies as potential solutions to achieve the goals.
  • Identify regulatory permit complexity issues within the watershed
  • Document the planning and strategies analysis process to facilitate regulatory information requirements.

The WPT and the other Red River Basin Decision Information Network’s (RRBDIN) Decision Support Tools are a shared vision of a comprehensive decision support system envisioned by a diverse group of stakeholders lead by the International Water Institute.

Funding for the WPT was provided by ND and MN through the Red River Basin Commission and the Red River Watershed Management Board.

Additional information can be obtained from
Mr. Charles Fritz, Director
International Water Institute
Phone: 701.388.0861
Email: Charles@iwinst.org.