RRBDIN is committed to keeping basin partners informed of important land and watershed management effort, watershed education, and watershed research projects underway in the Red River of the North Basin.

Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Feasibility Study – A study to explore strategies to reduce flooding in the Fargo-Moorhead area.  The effort is currently proposing a Red River Diversion around the Fargo-Moorhead urban area with water storage (staging) areas south of the urban areas.

Red River Basin Watershed Feasibility Study – A study to develop a  basin wide watershed management plan that incorporates improved water quality, ecosystem restoration, flood damage reduction, and water supply.

The International Water Institute is the host organization for the RRBDIN.  The International Water Institute has a number of Watershed Education Projects designed to engage citizens to increase their awareness and understanding of the Red River Basin, its resources, and management issues.  The International Water Institute also is the lead organization on a number of applied Research Projects to address pressing water and resource management questions in the Red River Basin.