Watershed Research / Information Projects


Applied research projects and information to answer pressing water and resource management questions in the Red River Basin.


Basin Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee – A stakeholder-driven technical committee investigating the impacts of agricultural drainage on peak flood flows.

Snow Water Equivalent – Gathering important data for flood forecasting.

Red River Basin Mapping Initiative – LiDAR elevation data and derived products

Regional Drought Decision Support System – A tool to access drought-related information for the Red River Basin of the North.

Water Quality Decision Support System – Advanced water quality data layers for local and regional best management and conservation practices planning and decision-making.

Prioritizing, Targeting, and Measuring Application (PTMApp) - A decision support system to implement meaningful best management and conservation practices at the field (~40 acre) scale.

Watershed Planing Tool – Watershed delineation tools and geospatial data display to assist with planning flood damage reduction strategies.

CRED  - a mobile application to facilitate community monitoring of the Red River Basin. Anyone in the region can use CRED to submit timely reports and photographs from their mobile devices for review by partners at local and federal agencies.